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Scheduling can be an issue for any attorney. When the courts schedule a hearing, they don’t always schedule it at a time that’s convenient for the attorneys handling the case. In some cases, a hearing can be scheduled for the same time the attorney needs to handle a different hearing for another client. 

When this happens, one of the easiest ways to avoid the scheduling conflict and make sure the hearings are attended is to have a special appearance attorney attend one of the hearings. A special appearance attorney can be used in other instances as well, such as when there’s an emergency, and you can’t attend court or when the hearing is in a distant location, and you do not have the time or ability to show up in person. 

What is a Special Appearance Attorney?

If an attorney cannot make an appearance at a scheduled court appearance, they can receive help from a special appearance attorney. The help from the attorney is provided on a short-term basis and is able to stand in for the attorney during a hearing. A special appearance attorney can attend the hearings in place of the general attorney for the case for a number of reasons, including scheduling conflict, personal conflicts, and more. 

If you have any issue making it to a scheduled court hearing, instead of asking for the hearing to be delayed and risking the judge turning down this request, it is possible to have a special appearance attorney handle the hearing in your stead. This way, the case continues to progress, but you can handle the other issues at hand. 

How Do I Send An Assignment

The first step in hiring a special appearance attorney is to submit an appearance request. The form for the request is designed to allow you to provide all pertinent information for the special appearance attorney who will be taking your place. Include the appearance type, the details of the case, and anything else the attorney will need to know.

Include background information and any necessary instructions for the hearing. Then, upload any documents that may need to be reviewed by the special appearance attorney before they attend the hearing. It is possible to include special instructions or other information the attorney may need to best represent you in the hearing. Once you’ve completed the request, you should receive a notification letting you know that the request has been received. Click for more information on how appearance services works.

What Happens After I Send An Assignment?

At this point, our team will forward a portion of your request to the attorneys in our network. These attorneys joined the network to handle cases such as yours and are local to your county and state. These attorneys will receive and review the information provided along with any documents attached. The special appearance attorney handling your case can consult with you if necessary before the hearing to make sure they are fully prepared.

What Does the Appearance Attorney Do Next?

At the time of the hearing, the special appearance attorney will appear in your place at the hearing. They can present your position to the court, just as you would if you were in the courtroom.

The attorney will take detailed notes of everything that occurs during the hearing, as well as any information about arguments or the dates for future hearings that are scheduled.

If there is anything needed by the attorney during the hearing, they can contact you or your office to get that information. All documents and information obtained during the hearing will be passed on to you for review.

The special appearance attorney will complete a detailed report of the hearing after it has concluded. This includes any information you might need to know, arguments that were made during the hearing, and future hearing dates that were scheduled. You’ll then receive this report, as well as any other documents that were exchanged during the hearing. You should receive the report from the hearing soon after it concludes so that you can review them and know what occurred during your hearing. 

A California Appearance Attorney can appear for “in-person” legal hearings, court appearances and depositions. 

Appearance attorneys now commonly appear for virtual appearances on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more. 

Case Management Conferences
Order to Show Cause Hearings
Pre-trial Hearings
Ex Parte Hearings
Settlement Conferences
Status Conferences
Final Status Conferences
Independent Medical Examinations

Alameda County
Alpine County
Amador County
Butte County
Calaveras County
Colusa County
Contra Costa County
Del Norte County
El Dorado County
Fresno County
Glenn County
Humboldt County
Imperial County
Inyo County
Kern County
Kings County
Lake County
Lassen County
Los Angeles County
Madera County
Marin County
Mariposa County
Mendocino County
Merced County
Modoc County
Mono County
Monterey County
Napa County
Nevada County
Orange County
Placer County
Pulmas County
Riverside County
Sacramento County
San Benito County
San Bernardino County
San Diego County
San Francisco County
San Joaquin County
San Luis Obispo County
San Mateo County
Santa Barbara County
Santa Clara
Santa Cruz
Shasta County
Siskiyou County
Solano County
Sonoma County
Stanislaus County
Tehama County
Trinity County
Tulare County
Tuolumne County
Ventura County
Yolo County
Yuba County

We can assist with Superior Court Appearances, Civil Court Appearances and more throughout California. 

In Los Angeles, special appearance attorneys regularly appear in the following courts: 

Airport Courthouse

Alfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center

Alhambra Courthouse

Bellflower Courthouse

Beverly Hills Courthouse

Burbank Courthouse

Central Arraignment Courts

Central Civil West Courthouse

Chatsworth Courthouse

Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center

Compton Courthouse

David V. Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center (Delinquency)

Downey Courthouse, East Los Angeles Courthouse

Eastlake Juvenile Court (Delinquency)

Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court (Dependency)

El Monte Courthouse

Glendale Courthouse

Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse

Hollywood Courthouse

Huntington Park Courthouse

Inglewood Courthouse

Inglewood Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency)

Long Beach Courthouse

Los Padrinos Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency)

Malibu Courthouse

Mental Health Courthouse

Metropolitan Courthouse

Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse

Michael D. Antonovich

Norwalk Courthouse

Pasadena Courthouse

Pomona Courthouse North

Pomona Courthouse South

San Fernando Courthouse

San Pedro Courthouse

San Pedro Courthouse Annex

Santa Clarita Courthouse

Santa Monica Courthouse

Spring Street Courthouse

Stanley Mosk Courthouse

Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency)

Torrance Courthouse

Van Nuys Courthouse East

Van Nuys Courthouse West

West Los Angeles Courthouse

West Covina Courthouse

Whittier Courthouse

More …


Attorneys of record usually retain “local counsel” when the attorney of record is not admitted in a specific court or state. Colloquially, “local counsel” are sometimes attorneys that perform work on a specifically case for an indefinite period of time as essentially co-counsel. An Appearance Attorney is a freelance contractor attorney that appears for a legal proceeding on a specific court date only. 

Appearing attorneys generally focus on either court appearances or depositions. Our website distinguishes between court appearance lawyers and deposition appearance lawyers, however, most appearance counsel are able to accept both court appearance assignments and deposition assignments. 

No, services are not for members of the general public. Appearance Attorney Services are for licensed in-state attorneys (law firms) in “good standing”. A paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary, or associate attorney can book an appearance attorney at anytime on behalf of the attorney of record. If you are a member of the public, you can provide us with your information and we can refer you to an attorney that you can privately retain on your own. 

We are always adding attorneys to our professional network. All applicants must be attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of California in “good standing”. Appearance attorneys should have prior experience handling court appearances, hearings and depositions. Attorneys are expected to be experienced in any assignment he/she accepts, maintain a professional demeanor at all times, be responsive and available to communicate by telephone, email, sms and other electronic means. Click to apply to join the appearance attorney network and for appearance attorney jobs.

Appearance attorney rates in our network start at $125. Appearance counsel rates for depositions start at $375.  Contact us for additional details. 

Virtual Appearance Services

California Courts have mostly transitioned to virtual appearances and hearings in lieu of in-person court appearances. Depositions are being conducted remotely using Zoom or Skype. This is the new normal and we believe these types of appearances are here to stay for good in some form or manner. If you have scheduling issues or are unable to attend your virtual appearance, a special appearance attorney can help.

Court Appearance Services

Court appearance attorneys can assist you with any “in person” or “virtual” court appearance on your calendar. Counsel will review your assignment and confirm acceptance or contact you with any further questions.

Deposition Services

A special appearance attorney can handle your deposition appearance and assignment. Whether it be an “in person” or “virtual” deposition. Attorneys are available to both “conduct” or “defend” any deposition you assign.  For best results, submit your assignment with more then 24 hours notice.


Legal Research & Document Preparation

Instead of spending valuable time doing basic legal research and document preparation, delegate and outsource these task to another attorney who can get the job done quickly and professionally. Legal research, motion preparation, brief writing, and more. 

Refer A Case

Have a client with a good case, and aren’t able to handle it yourself?  Instead of turning it down, refer your case over and we will automatically send it to our large network of attorneys. An attorney will review and contact you for further details. If accepted, the attorney can agree to provide you with a referral fee, subject to any state and local ethical requirements. We will charge you a $100 connectors fee once the connection is made. 


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“We used a Special Appearance Attorney for a virtual appearance as I was under pressure with other deadlines and also homeschooling my two children. Thank you for your assistance. Great work!” – Tom H.
“I was unable to conduct a deposition on my calendar. You guys saved me. The appearance counsel did everything we needed him to do.” – Sarah G.
“We have been using appearance counsel regularly so we can continue to grow our clientele and focus most of our energies in bringing in new business and working on high impact matters. Thank you!” – James D.