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Los Angeles Appearance Professionals

Are you in need of an Appearance Professional? An appearance professional can assist your law firm with your scheduled court appearances and depositions. Appearance attorneys can handle court appearances in Superior Court (and other courts), conduct or defend depositions as well as attend other types of legal hearings and proceedings. 

Why Use an Appearance Professional 

Appearance counsel are a practical legal and business solution for law firms who rather outsource legal work in lieu of hiring additional associates, law firms who have a busy litigation calendar, law firms who rather focus their time and energy on high priority tasks, cases and clients.

Appearance lawyers are resources for resolving appearance scheduling disputes; many firms utilize our services to expand their practice by making the most efficient use of both their budget and their attorneys, resulting in more business and billable hours.

How to Book an Appearance Professional

The process of booking an appearance professional is easy and simple. To book an appearance counsel, submit an assignment using our online contact form – include the date and time of the appearance, the case name and docket number, the type of appearance, instructions and objectives, along with any important documents. 

After your assignment submission is received, preliminary information will be transmitted to appearance counsel.  Appearance counsel will review the initial information and confirm acceptance of the assignment. 

On the date of the appearance, the appearance professional will handle the matter in accordance with your assignment instructions. Counsel appears at the proceeding as an extension of your law firm, the attorneys of record.  

What Types of Appearances Can an Appearance Professional Handle?

Examples of types of appearances handled include discovery conferences, discovery motions, dispositive motions, summary judgment motions, status conferences, pre-trial conferences, framed issue hearings, conduct party depositions, defend party depositions, conduct non-party depositions, attend independent medical examinations and much more.  

Specific types of appearances include: Case Management Conferences, Order to Show Cause Hearings, Pre-trial Hearings, Ex Parte Hearings, Arraignments, Settlement Conferences, Mediation/Arbitration, Motions, Status Conferences, Final Status Conferences, Trials, Depositions, Independent Medical Examinations, More

Appearance Professionals Handle In-Person and Virtual Proceedings

Appearance professionals handle in-person proceedings such as in person discovery conferences and motion hearings. For in-person appearances, kindly provide the name of the assigned judge, the courtroom and Part. Counsel also handle virtual matters via Microsoft Teams, Zoom and/or Skype. Matters such as conferences and depositions may be scheduled remotely. For virtual appearances, forward a login link or link to the proceeding. The appearing attorney will log in to the link you provided at the date and time of the appearance.

More Information About Appearance Professionals

Get more information about what types of matters appearance professionals can assist with, such as court appearances, deposition coverage, legal research, and document preparation. You may also recommend a case to our network of lawyers and get a referral fee (if allowed)!

Join Our Appearance Professional Network

We are always adding attorneys to our professional network. All applicants must be attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of California in “good standing”. Appearance attorneys should have prior experience handling court appearances, hearings and depositions. Attorneys are expected to be experienced in any assignment he/she accepts, maintain a professional demeanor at all times, be responsive and available to communicate by telephone, email, sms and other electronic means. Click to apply to join the appearance attorney network and for appearance attorney jobs.