Court Appearance Services

Court Appearance Services, Los Angeles, California, CA

Court Appearance Coverage Available

Court appearances are required, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be conflicts from time to time. When a court appearance is required, but you can’t make it to court for any reason, one of our attorneys can attend in your place. We offer court appearance coverage, so you can be represented at any hearing without having to attend the hearing on your own. 

Why Request Court Appearance Coverage?

Court appearance coverage is available to help with any conflicts you might have attending a hearing. You may have two hearings scheduled close together, a hearing scheduled in a location you would need to travel for, or a personal emergency that stops you from being able to make the hearing. No matter why you can’t make a hearing, you’ll be able to have a special appearance attorney attend it in your place, so the hearing is covered, and you’ll know exactly what happened. 

In-Person or Virtual Coverage

Today, more hearings are done virtually to ensure all can attend without worry about the pandemic. However, that doesn’t always make it easier to attend hearings. If you have two scheduled too close together or at the same time, you may not be able to make both hearings. Our attorneys can attend in-person or virtual hearings on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about travel time or trying to handle two hearings at once. 

How Appearance Services Work

Once you notice a scheduling conflict or other issue that will keep you from attending a hearing, you can fill out a request for court appearance coverage. Our team will match you with an attorney in the locality who is available to handle your matter. Then, you’ll provide the attorney with any pertinent information or documents so they can prepare for the hearing. The attorney can then attend the hearing and will keep detailed records of everything that happens.

Create a Report for the Hearing

Once the hearing has concluded, the attorney will create a detailed report covering what happened during the hearing, any arguments that were made, and any documents that were introduced. You will be provided with the report as well as any other documents or information from the hearing and will be able to review it. This way, you know exactly what happened during the hearing, whether there are new hearing dates scheduled, and what you need to do to prepare for the next hearing.

If you have a conflict and cannot attend a hearing, we can help. If your appearance is needed in court, but you cannot attend due to scheduling, distance, or any other reason, you can have a special appearance attorney handle the court appearance in your place. We can assign a special appearance attorney to your case, allowing you to tackle more important things while your court appearance is still covered. Contact us today to learn more about court appearance coverage and how we can help you.