Deposition Appearance Attorney Services

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Deposition Appearance Attorney Services

Sworn testimony can be vital in many cases, yet there could be conflicts that prevent you from tackling a deposition on your own. When a deposition is scheduled to move forward, and you can’t do it yourself, coverage services can make sure the deposition is done for you correctly and in accordance with your needs. Learn more about our deposition coverage to find out how it can be beneficial for you in a variety of cases, and when you may want to use it. 

What is Deposition Appearance Coverage?

When a deposition is needed, it’s important to make sure it’s done properly, so there are no questions about authenticity or any other possible issues with the information obtained. Yet, you may not be able to do the deposition on your own. When this happens, deposition coverage allows you to make sure the deposition is done without you having to be there. A special appearance attorney can handle the deposition in your stead, ensuring the testimony is recorded properly and that you have what is needed for your case. 

When to Request Deposition Coverage

You may have instances where you have a court hearing scheduled that conflicts with an already scheduled deposition. You may have two or more depositions that need to be done at the same time, or you may be worried that you can’t do both on the same day. 

There also may be times where there is an emergency that stops you from making it to the deposition or the person providing testimony is not located nearby, so you’ll have to travel to them to do the deposition. No matter what the issue is, if you cannot attend a deposition on your own, it is possible to request deposition appearance coverage, so you know the deposition can proceed without issue. 

How Deposition Coverage is Done

When you know it’s impossible to make it to a deposition on your own, you’ll request deposition coverage. We will assign an attorney to your deposition, making sure they’re knowledgeable about the legal topic as well as knowledgeable about local procedures or deposition rules for where the deposition will take place. The attorney then handles the deposition for you, keeping detailed notes and recorded the deposition as needed. Once it is done, you’ll receive a report with all of the information from the deposition, including the signed testimony and any recorded information. 

Are you worried about being able to handle an upcoming deposition? Sworn testimony may be vital to your case, but that doesn’t mean you can always make it to the deposition. Our attorneys are able to handle them in your place, so you can deal with a scheduling conflict, an emergency situation, or anything else that’s stopping you from handling the deposition on your own. We make it easy for you to get the deposition coverage you need and to make sure the deposition is done right. Contact us now to learn more about special appearance attorney services and deposition coverage.