How It Works

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Request an Appearance Attorney

The first step in hiring an appearance attorney is to submit an appearance request. The form for the request is designed to allow you to provide all pertinent information for the special appearance attorney who will be taking your place. Include the appearance type, the details of the case, and anything else the attorney will need to know.

Include background information and any necessary instructions for the hearing. Then, upload any documents that may need to be reviewed by the special appearance attorney before they attend the hearing. It is possible to include special instructions or other information the attorney may need to best represent you in the hearing. Once you’ve completed the request, you should receive a notification letting you know that the request has been received. 

Schedule the Attorney to Cover the Case

At this point, our team will schedule an appearance attorney to cover the hearing for you. We carefully review every request that comes in to ensure the special appearance attorney assigned to your request has sufficient knowledge in the area of law in question and that they understand local court procedures where your hearing will take place. They will then receive the information provided in your request along with any document attached. The special appearance attorney handling your case can consult with you if necessary before the hearing to make sure they are fully prepared.

The Attorney Will Appear for You

At the time of the hearing, the special appearance attorney will appear in your place at the hearing. They can present your position to the court, just as you would if you were in the courtroom. The attorney will take detailed notes of everything that occurs during the hearing, as well as any information about arguments or the dates for future hearings that are scheduled. If there is anything needed by the attorney during the hearing, they can contact you or your office to get that information. All documents and information obtained during the hearing will be passed on to you for review. 

Receive Results From the Hearing

The special appearance attorney will complete a detailed report of the hearing after it has concluded. This includes any information you might need to know, arguments that were made during the hearing, and future hearing dates that were scheduled. You’ll then receive this report, as well as any other documents that were introduced during the hearing. You should receive the report from the hearing soon after it concludes so that you can review them and know what occurred during your hearing. 

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