Court Appearance Attorneys

Booking Court Appearance Attorneys

It’s simple to get started! In just a few simple steps, you can book court appearance attorneys to handle your court appearance. To book an appearance lawyer simple complete our appearance attorney booking form and click submit. Provide all case details, background information and assignment instructions. The assigned appearance attorney will also want any documents required for the appearance such as pleadings or motion papers. 

Confirmation by Appearance Counsel 

After submitting your booking request, an available appearance attorney will review the court and type of appearance before confirming acceptance of your booking request. Once the appearance attorney confirms acceptance, counsel will review the booking details such as case details, background information and your assignment instructions. If necessary, the appearance attorney will reach out to you to obtain additional information, documents or clarification. To avoid any issues, it’s incumbent on you to provide all required information in the first instance. Without sufficient details, the appearance may not be handled to your satisfaction. 

Appearance by Counsel 

At the planned appearance, the court appearance attorney will represent your office. The appearance lawyer is an extension of your firm and the attorney of record. The appearance lawyer will appear in court at the date and time on your office’s behalf. Appearance counsel will present your case before the judge in accord with whatever instructions you provided. All facts, arguments, and future hearing dates will be documented by the attending attorney. If further instructions are needed during the hearing, the appearing attorney will seek to contact you from court. 

Report from Appearance Counsel

The appearing attorney will write a thorough report that contains important details regarding the appearance and any upcoming hearing dates. The appearance outcome is sent to you, along with any additional papers collected during the appearance. Reports are usually forwarded within 1 business day of the appearance.  Within 24 hours after their presentation, all results are accessible on our website.

Reasons for Using Court Appearance Attorneys

There are a variety of reasons why you may be unable to attend a court hearing. Using a special appearance attorney in these situations may help you ensure that the hearing is covered without having to go on your own. We may assist you if you have an emergency, are concerned about clashing schedules, or have any other reason for not attending the hearing. Book an appearance lawyer to assist you with your next in-person or virtual hearing.

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